ARM ® MultiTrace UserGuide

Version 1.0

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1. Introduction
1.1. About MultiTrace
1.1.1. The MultiTrace product
1.1.2. Capture rates
1.2. Availability and compatibility
1.2.1. Debugger
1.2.2. Target board
2. Getting Started
2.1. System requirements
2.1.1. Host software requirements
2.1.2. Host hardware requirements
2.1.3. Target hardware requirements
2.2. Connecting the MultiTrace hardware
2.2.1. What you require
2.2.2. Connection instructions
2.3. Configuring the Ethernet interface
2.3.1. Using the MultiTrace host name withDHCP
2.3.2. Using the Ethernet Configuration Utility,TPACONFIG.EXE
2.3.3. Using the Serial Configuration Utility,STPACONFIG.EXE
2.3.4. Status indication on the LEDs
3. Using MultiTrace with the Trace Debug Tools
3.1. Configuring MultiTrace
3.2. Performing a trace
A. MultiTrace Interface Connections
A.1. MultiTrace interface
A.1.1. Trace high density connector
A.2. Trace signals
A.2.1. Signal levels
A.2.2. Clock frequency
A.2.3. Data setup and hold
A.2.4. Hot plugging
B. Designing the Target Board
B.1. Overview of high-speed design
B.1.1. Avoid stubs
B.1.2. Minimize Signal Skew (Balancing PCB Track Lengths)
B.1.3. Minimize Crosstalk
B.1.4. Use impedance matching and termination
B.2. Termination
B.2.1. Example
B.2.2. Termination options
B.2.3. Rules for series terminators
B.2.4. PCB track impedance
B.3. Probe dimensions and keep out areas
B.4. Signal requirements
B.5. Probe modelling

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