3.7.1. Making a connection from the Connect to Target window

To connect to a target:

  1. Select Connect to Target... from the Target menu to display the Connect to Target window. Figure 3.8 shows an example.

    Figure 3.8. Debug interfaces in the Connect to Target window

    Debug interfaces in the Connect to Target window

  2. A Debug Interface requires initial configuration before you can connect to any targets on your development platform. However, the RealView Instruction Set Simulator (RVISS) Debug Interface has a default Debug Configuration.

    • If you want to use the default RVISS Debug Configuration, then no additional configuration is required.

    • If you want to connect to a target on any other Debug Interface, or you want to connect to a different RVISS simulated target, then create a new Debug Configuration before you continue with this task.


    RTSM, ISSM, and RVISS models are provided with RVDS.

  3. Select the required target grouping in the Grouped By field, either:

    • Target (this is the default grouping)

    • Configuration.


    RealView Debugger remembers the chosen grouping when you exit.

  4. Expand the Debug Interface.

  5. If you selected the Configuration grouping, expand the Debug Configuration. Otherwise, skip this step.

    The list of targets available through the chosen Debug Configuration is expanded, and the connection state of each target is shown (see Figure 3.9).

    Figure 3.9. Targets in a Debug Configuration

    Targets in a Debug Configuration

  6. Double-click on the target to which you want to connect.

    In the example shown in Figure 3.9, double-click on ARM940T_0.

    RealView Debugger connects to the target, and the connection state changes to Connected.

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