7.11.3. Locating the settings for shared memory regions

The settings that enable you to define shared memory regions are available from the Connection Properties window where you configure the settings for each processor that is sharing memory. The settings are in the Memory_block group of an Advanced_Information block.

To locate the settings for defining shared memory regions:

  1. Display the Connect to Target window.

  2. Right-click on the Debug Configuration containing the processors that are to share the memory to display the context menu.


    Only processors within the same Debug Configuration can access same shared memory region.

  3. Locate the settings for defining shared memory regions:

    1. Select Properties... from the context menu. The Connection Properties dialog box is displayed.

    2. Click the BCD files tab to display the available definitions and assignments.

    3. In the Assigned Definitions list, select the board/chip definition that contains the settings for the shared memory regions.

    4. Click the related View Definitions... button.

      The Connection Properties window is displayed. The selected Debug Configuration is highlighted in the left pane and the contents of this entry are in the right pane.

  4. Expand the following groups in turn:

    1. BOARD=name

    2. Advanced_Information.

    3. Default, or connection-specific name.

    4. Memory_block.

  5. Double-click on the Default entry in the left pane to expand it. Figure 7.17 shows an example.

    Figure 7.17. Defining shared memory regions

    Defining shared memory regions

    You use the Memory_block group to define areas of memory that have specific characteristics, one of which is whether the memory region is to be shared between multiple processors.

  6. Rename the Default memory block:

    1. Right-click on Default in the left pane to display the context menu.

    2. Select Rename from the context menu to display a create dialog box.

    3. Enter SharedRAM.

    4. Click Rename.

  7. Select the Attributes group in the left pane to see the settings Shared and Shared_id.

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