3.9. Viewing information about the target topology

If your development platform supports trace components, then you can view information about the target topology.


This feature is supported only for connections through the RealView ICE Debug Interface, and only when using RealView ICE v3.1 or later.

To view the target topology:

  1. Before you can view the topology for your development platform, you must set up the associations for the target processors and other components. To do this:

    1. Create a text file containing the device associations for your development platform.

    2. Display the Debug Interface configuration dialog box (RVConfig) for your Debug Configuration.

    3. Assign the associations file to your Debug Interface configuration.

    Example 3.1 shows the associations file entries for the topology shown in Figure 3.13.

    Example 3.1. Trace device associations


  2. Select Connect to Target... from the Target menu to display the Connect to Target window.

  3. Select Show NonCores from the View menu to display the non-processor devices.


    Non-processor devices are hidden by default.

  4. Select Configuration from the Grouped By field.

  5. Expand the RealView ICE Debug Interface.

  6. Expand the Debug Configuration for your development platform. An example of a development platform with CoreSight components is shown in Figure 3.13.

    Figure 3.13. Targets on a CoreSight development platform

    Targets on a CoreSight development platform

  7. Expand the processor node to show the ETM associated with the processor.

  8. Right-click on the component for which you want to view the topology. For the example shown in Figure 3.13, right-click on CSETM_1.

  9. Select Topology from the context menu. The Topology dialog box is displayed. Figure 3.14 shows an example.


    The Topology menu option is enabled only when the associated Debug Interface configuration has an associated device topology.

    Figure 3.14. Topology dialog box

    Topology dialog box

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