3.2.1. Adding a new Debug Configuration

To add a new Debug Configuration:

  1. Select Connect to Target... from the Target menu to display the Connect to Target window.

  2. Select Configuration from the Grouped By drop-down list.


    It is recommended that you add and configure a Debug Configuration using the Configuration grouping.

  3. Click the Add button for the required Debug Interface. The configuration dialog box for the selected Debug Interface is displayed.

  4. Configure the Debug Interface targets as required:

    • RealView Instruction Set Simulator (RVISS)

    • Instruction Set System Model (ISSM)

    • Real-Time System Model (RTSM)

    • RealView ICE

    • SoC Designer.

  5. After you have configured and saved the Debug Interface configuration, a new Debug Configuration is added to that Debug Interface. RealView Debugger assigns a default name to the Debug Configuration according to the Target Interface. Table 3.2 shows the default names.

    Table 3.2. Debug Interface configuration names and file extensions

    Debug InterfaceDefault nameDebug Interface configuration file extension
    Instruction Set System ModelISSM.smc
    Real-Time System ModelRTSM.smc
    RealView ARMulator ISSRVISS.auc
    RealView ICERVI.rvc
    RealView SoC DesignerSoC.smc

    If a Debug Configuration already exists with the default name, then a numerical suffix _n is added to the name, starting at one, for example RVISS_1.

    The Debug Configuration name is user-definable, so that you can change it to a more meaningful name.

    In addition, a unique Debug Interface configuration file is created for the Debug Configuration. The file has the same name as the Debug Configuration and the suffix _0.ext, where ext is the file extension appropriate to the Debug Interface (see Table 3.2). For example, for the Debug Configuration RVISS_1, the Debug Interface configuration file is called RVISS_1_0.auc.


    Do not use the same Debug Interface configuration file for more than one Debug Configuration. This is because deleting a Debug Configuration also deletes the configuration file.

  6. Optionally, configure the new configuration as required.

After adding the new Debug Configuration, you can customize it if required.

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