3.11.1. Connection details in the Code window title bar

When you connect to a target, your title bar looks like the one shown in Figure 3.16.

Figure 3.16. Connection information in the Code window title bar

This shows:


The connection name, incorporating the processor name, the connection number, and the Debug Configuration name. In this example, the connection is to an ARM940T™ processor using the RealView-ICE Debug Configuration through the RealView ICE Debug Interface.


The attachment of the window to the connection currently displayed in the Code window. By default, a Code window is not attached to a connection and the attachment status is not displayed.

When you attach a Code window to the connection shown in that Code window, the status [Target] is added after the connection name.


If you are debugging OS-aware images and the title bar contains no attachment details, then this window is attached to the current thread.

The color box is a visual cue for each connection you make. A different color is allocated for each active connection, and the color box is displayed in each window, or floating view, that is displaying information for that connection.

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