1.1.4. Code window

This is the main window of RealView Debugger. All RealView Debugger operations are accessible from the main Code window. Figure 1.1 shows an example.

Figure 1.1. Code window (default layout)

Although a single Code window is sufficient for most tasks, you might want to open more Code windows if you are:

Code window status bar

The Code window status bar shows:

  • The run state of the target for the current connection, which can be:

    • Running

    • Stopped

    • nn Steps Remaining, when performing multi-step operations with CLI commands

    • Waiting, when performing synchronized stepping.

  • The current processor state:

    • ARM

    • Jazelle

    • Thumb

    • Thumb2-EE.

  • The target endianness:

    • Little

    • Big.

  • The line number and column number of the cursor position in the Disassembly tab or a source code tab.

  • A Script indicator to show that a script is running.

  • When any log, journal, and STDIO log files are open:

    • LOG

    • JOU

    • STDIOlog.

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