7.8. Setting up hardware cross-triggering

If supported by your target processors (such as an ARM11MPCore™), you can set up hardware cross-triggering. For these processors, the HW Out and HW In controls are available.


The procedure described in the following section does not apply to CoreSight embedded cross-triggering.

Hardware cross-triggering requires that you first set up the appropriate memory mapped registers and the CLI commands required to manipulate those registers. Typically, these are set up in a processor-specific BCD file, which you assign to your Debug Configuration:

RealView Debugger automatically runs the cross-triggering CLI commands set up in the BCD file when you enable and disable the HW In and HW Out triggers.


If your hardware supports more complex cross-triggering controls, you must set these manually. Alternatively, you can create a script to set the appropriate configuration.

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