11.20. Forcing the size of a software breakpoint

The default size of a software breakpoint is 32 bits if there is no image information. If there is image information, then that determines the size of the breakpoint. However, you can change this if required.

To force the size of a software breakpoint:

  1. Either:

    • create a new software breakpoint, and leave the Create Breakpoint dialog box open

    • edit an existing software breakpoint to open the Edit Breakpoint dialog box.

  2. Select the Force Breakpoint Size (bits) check box.

  3. Enter the required size:

    • enter 16 for 16-bit (Thumb code)

    • enter 32 for 32-bit (ARM code).


    Also, use Thumb breakpoints for Thumb2 and Thumb2EE.

  4. Click OK to set the breakpoint.

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