14.2.1. Changing the value of a register

To change the value of a register:

  1. Select View → Registers from the Code window main menu to open the Registers view. Figure 14.1 shows an example:

    Figure 14.1. Registers view

    Registers view

  2. Locate the register that you want to change.

  3. Double-click on the register.

    The field containing the value changes to allow in-place editing, shown in Figure 14.2.

    Figure 14.2. In-place editing of a register

    In-place editing of a register

  4. Change the value of the register to the required value.

  5. Press Enter to confirm the change. The color of the register value changes to blue.

    Alternatively, press Esc to cancel the change. The register value reverts back to the value before you made any changes.

Changing the value of some registers affects other parts of RealView Debugger:

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