8.3.5. Running to an entry in the Call Stack

To run the image to the point identified in a Call Stack entry:

  1. Load your application image. The rest of this procedure continues to use the dhrystone.axf image as an example.

  2. Force the image execution to stop inside a function. For the Dhrystone example:

    1. Locate line 149 in the file dhry_1.c.

    2. Select Create Breakpoint... from the context menu to open the Create Breakpoint dialog box.

    3. Enter Proc_5 in the Location field.

    4. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the Create Breakpoint dialog box.

  3. Run the image. For the Dhrystone example, enter the value 5000 when prompted for the number of runs, the restart execution.

  4. When execution stops, select Call Stack from the View menu, to open the Call Stack view, if it is not already visible. Figure 8.6 shows the Call Stack view for the Dhrystone image.

    Figure 8.6. Example Call Stack view for dhrystone

    Example Call Stack view for dhrystone

  5. Right-click on the call stack entry for main to display the context menu.

  6. Select Run To from the context menu. Execution continues until code associated with the call stack entry is reached. For the Dhrystone image, execution stops at line 150 in dhry_1.c.

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