7.3. Attaching a Code window to a connection

If you have multiple connections and multiple Code windows, then by default only the information for one connection, the current connection, is visible in all your Code windows. If you want to view the details of more than one connection at the same time, then you must use the window attachment feature of RealView Debugger.

To attach a Code window to a connection:

  1. Make sure the Code window is not currently attached to a connection.

  2. Make sure the details of the required connection are shown in the Code window that you want to attach to that connection.

    To do this, click Cycle Connections to make the connection of interest the current connection.

  3. To attach the Code window to the chosen connection:

    1. Click the drop-down arrow on the Cycle Connections button to display the active connections menu.

    2. Select Attach Window to a Connection from the menu.

The attachment state [Target] is added to the Code window title bar immediately after the connection name, for example:

ARM7TDMI@RVISS [Target] - RealView Debugger

In the active connections menu, shown in Figure 7.1:

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