11.2.3. Setting a breakpoint with the Simple Break if X dialog box

To set a breakpoint with the Simple Break if X dialog box:

  1. Connect to your target.

  2. Load the required image, for example dhrystone.axf.

  3. Click the tab for the required code view.

    For this example, click the dhry_1.c tab to view the source file dhry_1.c.

  4. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Conditional → Break if X... from the main menu to open the Simple Break if X dialog box. Figure 11.3 shows an example:

    Figure 11.3. Simple Break if X dialog box

    Simple Break if X dialog box

  5. Select the breakpoint type for this breakpoint. The default is SW Instr.

  6. Enter the address expression for the breakpoint. This can be:

    • a specific line number in the source code, with or without a module name prefix

    • a specific address, which can be the address of a variable or function

    • a macro that returns an address

    • an address range

    • the start of a function

    • a function entry point.

    Alternatively, click the expression selector button, to select from:

    • various lists, including your Favorites List

    • expressions used in previous breakpoints during this session.

    For example, enter Proc_5 to set a breakpoint at the start of the Proc_5() function.

  7. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

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