11.9. Editing a breakpoint

You can edit an existing breakpoint to change its type, location, conditions, or associated actions.


You cannot edit a breakpoint that is part of a breakpoint chain. If you do, RealView Debugger displays the following error message:

Error: This breakpoint cannot be edited, or copied, as it is chained to another breakpoint.

See Chaining hardware breakpoints for more details on chained breakpoints.

To edit a breakpoint:

  1. Select View → Break/Tracepoints from the Code window main menu to open the Break/Tracepoints view, if it is not already visible. Figure 11.11 shows an example:

    Figure 11.11. Breakpoint in the Break/Tracepoints view

    Breakpoint in the Break/Tracepoints view

  2. Right-click on the breakpoint you want to edit to display the context menu.

  3. Select Edit... from the context menu to open the Edit Breakpoint dialog box. Figure 11.12 shows an example:

    Figure 11.12. Edit Breakpoint dialog box

    Edit Breakpoint dialog box

  4. Make the required changes to the breakpoint. You can:

    • Change the Breakpoint Type.

    • Change the Location of the breakpoint.

    • Specify a data value to match against if you select one of the hardware access types.

    • Force the size of a software breakpoint.

      When you select Force Breakpoint Size (bits), the entry field is enabled for you to specify the size in bits. Normally, the breakpoint size is selected automatically using the debug information that is currently loaded on the target. However, if you are trying to set a Thumb® breakpoint on a target where there is no debug information available, you must use this option to force the breakpoint size.


      This option is disabled for hardware breakpoints.

    • Click More... to display conditions and actions that you can assign.

    For this example, change the Location to enter Proc_5\@entry, to set a breakpoint on the entry point to the Proc_5 function.

  5. Click OK to set the breakpoint.

  6. If you change the Location or Breakpoint Type, a prompt dialog box is opened to ask if you want to replace the current breakpoint:

    • Click Yes to set the breakpoint, and replace the existing one.

    • Click No to keep the existing breakpoint, and set a new breakpoint.


The breakpoint command includes the modified command qualifier, to show that you have edited the command.

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