14.8.2. Receiving information from the target

To use the Comms Channel view to receive information from the target:

  1. To see how the Comms Channel view works:

    1. Build the outchan.axf images. See the readme.txt file in install_directory\RVDS\Examples\...\main\dcc.

    2. Connect to your target.

  2. Select View → Comms Channel from the Code window main menu to open the Comms Channel view. Figure 14.30 shows an example:

    Figure 14.30. Comms Channel view

    Comms Channel view

  3. Load the required image.

    For this example, load the image:


  4. Click Run to start execution.

    The data is recieved from the target, and is displayed as black text in the Data log pane of the Comms Channel view. Figure 14.31 shows an example:

    Figure 14.31. Data received in Comms Channel view

    Data received in Comms Channel view

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