14.8.1. Sending information to the target

To use the Comms Channel view to send information to the target:

  1. To see how the Comms Channel view works:

    1. Build the inchan.axf image. See the readme.txt file in install_directory\RVDS\Examples\...\main\dcc.

    2. Connect to your target.

  2. Select View → Comms Channel from the Code window main menu to open the Comms Channel view. Figure 14.26 shows an example:

    Figure 14.26. Comms Channel view

    Comms Channel view

  3. Load the required image.

    For this example, load the image:


  4. Specify the information to be sent.

    To enter information directly in the Comms Channel view:

    1. Type the required information in the Data entry field.

      For example, type And goodbye!.

    2. Click Send.

      The data is sent to the target, and is also displayed as grey text in the Data log pane.

    To load information from a text file:

    1. Right-click in the Data log pane to display the context menu.

    2. Select Read Input from File... from the context menu to open the Choose File to Read Input From dialog box.

    3. Locate the file containing the information to be sent. In this example, locate the file:


    4. Click Open.

  5. Select View → Memory from the Code window main menu to open the Memory view. Figure 14.27 shows an example:

    Figure 14.27. Memory view

    Memory view

  6. In the inchan.s tab of the Source view, double-click on the indata label.

  7. Copy and paste the indata label into the Start Address field of the Memory view, then press Enter. The memory at the address of indata shows that defined by the image. Figure 14.28 shows an example:

    Figure 14.28. Data defined for indata in image

    Data defined for indata in image

  8. Click Run to start execution.

    The data at the address of indata changes to that shown in Figure 14.29.

    Figure 14.29. Data sent to indata location

    Data sent to indata location

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