7.1.6. Synchronized actions

You can specify one or more debugging actions to perform for synchronized processors. Table 7.1 shows the actions that can be performed, and the corresponding GUI operations and CLI commands.

Table 7.1. Synchronized actions and corresponding GUI operations

ActionGUI operationCLI command
load imageSelect Target → Load Image... from the menu.LOAD
unload imageSelect Target → Unload Image from the menu.UNLOAD
reload imageSelect Target → Reload Image to Target from the menu.RELOAD
restartSelect Debug → Set PC to Entry Point from the menu.RESTART
resetSelect Target → Reset Target Processor from the menu.RESET
set PCRight-click in the left margin of the source or disassembly view, and select Set PC to Here from the context menu.SETREG @PC=address
load binarySelect Target → Load Binary... from the menu.READFILE

Some of the GUI operations can also be performed from the Process Control view.

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