11.24. Setting breakpoints from the breakpoint history list

Breakpoints are added to a history list if you set them:


If you set a breakpoint in another way, for example using a CLI command, this is not added to the history list.

This is useful if you have previously set up a complex breakpoint (with conditions and actions), and you want to re-use that breakpoint, or use it as the basis for a new breakpoint.

The breakpoint history list is stored in your personal history file, exphist.sav, which is saved in your RealView Debugger home directory. Your personal history file is updated when you exit RealView Debugger at the end of your debugging session, and it contains a snapshot of the current breakpoints across all your debug targets. The items in the breakpoint history list include breakpoints you have set during the current debugging session, and breakpoints you have set from previous debugging sessions.


If you are using RealView Debugger on non-Windows platforms, the history file is created only if you create and save a favorite, for example a breakpoint or watchpoint.

To set a breakpoint from the breakpoint history list:

  1. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Set Break/Tracepoint from List → Break/Tracepoint History... from the Code window main menu to open the breakpoint history list dialog box. Figure 11.42 shows an example:

    Figure 11.42. Breakpoint history list dialog box

    Breakpoint history list dialog box

  2. Select the breakpoint that you want to set.

  3. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

    The breakpoint is set.


    If you want to use this breakpoint as the basis for a new breakpoint, then edit the breakpoint.

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