11.6.2. Viewing the breakpoint details

To view details for a breakpoint:

  1. Select View → Break/Tracepoints from the Code window main menu to open the Break/Tracepoints view, if it is not already visible. Figure 11.8 shows an example:

    Figure 11.8. Breakpoint in the Break/Tracepoints view

    Breakpoint in the Break/Tracepoints view

  2. Expand the entry for the breakpoint. This shows the location of the breakpoint, and the CLI command that was used to set it. Figure 11.9 shows an example:

    Figure 11.9. Breakpoint entry expanded

    Breakpoint entry expanded

  3. Right-click on the entry for the breakpoint to display the context menu.

  4. Select Properties from the context menu. The full breakpoint details are displayed. Figure 11.10 shows an example:

    If any conditions or actions are assigned to the breakpoint, then these are also listed.

    Figure 11.10. Full breakpoint details

    Full breakpoint details

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