11.25. Creating new breakpoint favorites

You can create new breakpoint favorites directly. However, you must be familiar with the CLI command syntax for the breakpoint commands.

To create a new breakpoint favorite:

  1. Connect to the target.


    You must connect to a target before you can use or modify your Favorites List.

  2. Load your image.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the CLI command syntax for the breakpoint commands.

  4. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Set Break/Tracepoint from List → Break/Tracepoint Favorites... from the Code window main menu to open the Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box. Figure 11.43 shows an example. Any previous breakpoints that have been added to the list are shown.

    Figure 11.43. Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box

    Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box

  5. Click New to open the New/Edit Favorite dialog box, shown in Figure 11.44.

    Figure 11.44. New/Edit Favorite dialog box

    New/Edit Favorite dialog box

  6. Enter the CLI command for the breakpoint in the Expression field.

  7. Optionally, enter a short text description to identify the breakpoint for future use.

  8. Click OK to confirm the entries and close the New/Edit Favorite dialog box.

    The Favorites Chooser/Editor dialog box is opened with the newly-created breakpoint shown in the display list.

  9. Either:

    • Click Set if you want to set the breakpoint.

    • Click Cancel if you do not want to set the breakpoint at this time.

    The Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box closes.

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