11.23.2. Breaking on a data value of a custom memory mapped register

To set a breakpoint on a data value of a custom memory mapped register:

  1. Set up the custom registers for your target connection.

    You can do this by assigning BCD files that contain custom registers to your connection (such as the CP.bcd file provided with RealView Debugger).


    Setting up custom registers is outside the scope of this document.

  2. Connect to the target.

  3. Load your image.

  4. Set a breakpoint on the required custom register.

  5. Open the Break/Tracepoints view, if it is not already visible.

  6. In the Break/Tracepoints view, right-click on the breakpoint that you have set on the custom register to display the context menu.

  7. Select Edit Breakpoint from the context menu to open the Edit Breakpoint dialog box.

  8. Enter the required value in the Value Match field.

  9. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

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