11.16.7. Setting breakpoints on functions from the Function/Label list

To set a breakpoint on a function using the Function/Label list:

  1. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Set Break/Tracepoint from List → Set from Function/Label list from the Code window main menu to open the Function Breakpoint Selector dialog box. Figure 11.28 shows the function list for the example Dhrystone image.

    Figure 11.28. Function Breakpoint Selector dialog box

    Function Breakpoint Selector dialog box

  2. For each function where you want to set a breakpoint, select the check box associated with that function.

    To narrow the list of functions, enter the characters for the function names that you want to filter. For example, enter fu* to show the Func_n functions in the example Dhrystone image.

  3. Click Select. A breakpoint is created at the start of each function that you selected.

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