7.4. Unattaching a Code window from a connection

You can unattach a Code window from a connection, if required.

To unattach a Code window from a connection:

  1. Move the focus to the Code window that is to be unattached.

  2. To unattach the Code window from the connection:

    1. Click the drop-down arrow on the Cycle Connections button to display the active connections menu.

    2. Select Attach Window to a Connection from the menu.

The Code window shows the connections details of the current connection.

The check mark is removed from both the Attach Window to a Connection option, and the corresponding connection option.

The title bar of the Code window is updated to show that it is unattached, for example:

ARM1176JZF-S@RVISS_2 - RealView Debugger

You can cycle through the connections to view the details of another connection.

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