11.18.2. Breaking on the value of a global variable

To set a memory access breakpoint on the value of a global variable:

  1. Connect to the target.

  2. Load an executable image.

    This procedure uses the dhrystone image provided in the RVDS examples.

  3. Select View → Symbols from the Code window main menu to open the Symbols view.

  4. Click the Variables tab to display the list of variables.

  5. Right-click on the global variable name to display the context menu.

    For dhrystone, right-click on the Int_Glob variable.

  6. Select Create Breakpoint... to open the Create Breakpoint dialog box.

    The variable name is inserted in the Location field, and is prefixed with &. This indicates that the address of the global variable is to be used. For example, for the dhrystone image &@dhrystone\\Int_Glob corresponds to address 0xEAA8.

  7. On the Create Breakpoint dialog box, choose the Breakpoint Type you require. The default is type is Hardware Access.

    The Value Match field is enabled.

  8. Enter the required value in the Value Match field.

    For dhrystone, enter 5.

  9. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the Create Breakpoint dialog box. A breakpoint indicator is placed at the address of the global variable.

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