7.8.1. Setting up the hardware cross-triggering controls

To set up the hardware cross-triggering controls:

  1. Connect to the target processors on your development platform.


    You must display the Configuration grouping of your targets to be able to connect to all targets on a development platform in a single operation.

  2. Select Target → Synchronization Control... from the Code window main menu to open the Synchronization Control window. Figure 7.11 shows an example:

    Figure 7.11. Synchronization Control window

    Synchronization Control window

  3. Click the Cross Triggering tab. A row of cross triggering controls is available for each currently connected processor. Figure 7.12 shows an example:

    Figure 7.12. Hardware cross-triggering controls

    Hardware cross-triggering controls

    The hardware cross trigger check boxes HW In and HW Out are selected to indicate that hardware cross-triggering is available. However, the check boxes are disabled by default.

  4. For each processors that is to take part in hardware cross-triggering, select the In or Out check box as required to enable the corresponding HW Out and HW In check boxes. Figure 7.13 shows an example:

    Figure 7.13. Hardware cross-trigger controls enabled

    Hardware cross-trigger controls enabled

    The hardware cross-trigger relationships are as follows:

    HW In

    The processor is to respond to the stop request of a processor that has the HW Out check box enabled.

    HW Out

    When the processor stops, it is to broadcast a stop request to processors that have the HW In check box enabled.

    In the example shown in Figure 7.13, when the MPCore_0 processor stops, then the MPCore_1, MPCore_2, and MPCore_3 processors stop.

    If you want a processor to use software cross-triggering for either or both triggers, then:

    1. Select the In and Out check boxes as required.

    2. Deselect the corresponding HW In and HW Out check boxes.

  5. Load the required images, and set up the debugging conditions for your targets. For example, set any breakpoints.

  6. You might want to start the processors with the HW In trigger enabled first (the MPCore_1, MPCore_2, and MPCore_3 processors). Otherwise, the processor with the Out trigger enabled (the MPCore_0 processor) might stop before you have time to start the other processors. For example, you might have set one or more breakpoints.

    You can either start each processor manually, or specify a connection sequence in the Debug Configuration.


Be aware that using synchronized stepping with cross-triggering is not recommended, because the results can be unpredictable.

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