8.3.1. Running to the current cursor position

To run the image until execution reaches the code that corresponds to the current cursor position:

  1. Load your application image. The rest of this procedure uses the example dhrystone.axf image as an example.

  2. Click the Locate PC button on the Debug toolbar to view the source file that contains the PC scope (dhry_1.c in this example).


    You can also use these control in the disassembly view.

  3. Locate the line of code where you want to stop execution. In this example, locate line 149 in dhry_1.c.

  4. Click anywhere on the line of code to position the cursor at that line.


    In the disassembly view, locate the instruction of interest, and click anywhere on the line for that instruction.

  5. Select Run to Cursor from the Debug menu. Execution starts from the current location of the PC and runs until it reaches a temporary breakpoint, defined by the cursor position (line 149 in this example).

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