11.12. Viewing the target hardware breakpoint support

Your target hardware has a limit on the number and complexity of the hardware breakpoints that you can set. RealView Debugger enables you to determine the hardware breakpoint support that is available on your target hardware.

To see the hardware breakpoint support for your target hardware:

  1. Connect to your target hardware.

  2. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Hardware → Show Break Capabilities of HW... from the Code window main menu to open the information dialog box describing the support available for your target processor. Figure 11.17 shows an example:

Figure 11.17. Example hardware break characteristics

Example hardware break characteristics

The details shown depends on the target processor and the Debug Interface used to make the connection. Figure 11.17 shows the details for an ARM940T™ using DSTREAM or RealView ICE.


RealView Debugger can reserve one breakpoint unit for internal use. Therefore, there might be one less breakpoint available to you. An error message is displayed if you try to set a hardware breakpoint when the limit is reached.

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