11.3. Setting an unconditional breakpoint with specific attributes

To set an unconditional breakpoint with specific attributes, you must use the Create Breakpoint dialog box.

To set an unconditional breakpoint with specific attributes:

  1. For a software or hardware instruction breakpoint, locate the line of source or disassembly where you want to set the breakpoint.

    For a hardware data breakpoint, any line of source or disassembly is suitable.

  2. Right-click in the margin of the source or disassembly view, as appropriate, to display the context menu.

  3. Select Create Breakpoint... from the context menu to open the Create Breakpoint dialog box. Figure 11.4 shows an example. The chosen location is inserted in the Location field.

    Figure 11.4. Create Breakpoint dialog box

    Create Breakpoint dialog box

  4. Select the breakpoint type for this breakpoint. The default is Software Instruction.

    For hardware targets, the following breakpoint types are listed:

    • Hardware DataValue Access.

    • Hardware DataValue Read

    • Hardware DataValue Write.

    If you select any of these types, skip the next step.

  5. Change the address expression for the breakpoint, if required. This can be:

    • a specific line number in the source code, with or without a module name prefix

    • a specific address, which can be the address of a variable or function

    • a macro that returns an address

    • an address range

    • the start of a function.

    • a function entry point.

    For example, enter Proc_5 to set a breakpoint at the start of the Proc_5() function.

  6. Do the following depending on the breakpoint type you selected:

    • If you selected Software Instruction as the breakpoint type, optionally select Force Breakpoint Size (bits).

      When you select Force Breakpoint Size (bits), the entry field is enabled for you to specify the size in bits. Normally, the breakpoint size is selected automatically using the debug information that is currently loaded on the target. However, if you are trying to set a Thumb breakpoint on a target where there is no debug information available, you must use this option to force the breakpoint size.

    • If you selected Hardware Access, Hardware Read, or Hardware Write, optionally, enter a value in the Value Match field.

    • If you selected Hardware DataValue Access, Hardware DataValue Read, or Hardware DataValue Write, you must enter a value in the Value Match field.

  7. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

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