11.26. Setting breakpoints from your Favorites List

When you first start to use RealView Debugger, your personal Favorites List is empty. You can create breakpoints and add them directly to this list or you can add breakpoints that you have been using in the current debugging session.

RealView Debugger keeps a record of all breakpoints that you set during your debugging session as part of your history file. By default, at the end of your debugging session, these processor-specific lists are saved in the file exphist.sav in your RealView Debugger home directory. This file also keeps a record of your favorites, for example Break Qualifiers, Break Actions, and Break/Tracepoints.


You must connect to a target before you can use or modify your Favorites List.

To set a breakpoint from your favorites list:

  1. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Set Break/Tracepoint from List → Break/Tracepoint Favorites... from the Code window main menu to open the Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box. Figure 11.45 shows an example. Any previous breakpoints that have been added to the list are shown.

    Figure 11.45. Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box

    Favorites/Chooser Editor dialog box

  2. Select the breakpoint that you want to set from your favorites list.

  3. Click Set to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

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