9.1.2. Memory mapping with RVISS models

Although you can assign BCD files to a RealView ARMulator® Instruction Set Simulator (RVISS) configuration, they do not enable access to the RVISS map file related statistics and wait states. To access these statistics and wait states, you must set up an RVISS map file.

When you connect to an RVISS model, the RVISS memory map is displayed in the Mapfile tab of the Registers view.

You can also access the map file related statistics and wait states using the symbol @mapfile_symbolname, where symbolname is the name of the symbol. A Mapfile name symbol has any non-alphanumeric characters converted to underscores.


If you want to create a map file that is unique to a specific RVISS Debug Configuration, then you must create a variant processor model.

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