9.9. Updating the memory map

The memory map is usually updated automatically by RealView Debugger when you:

However, you might have to manually update the memory map in some situations, for example, if you are using custom memory mapped registers.

To update the memory map:

  1. Right-click in the Memory Map tab to display the context menu.

  2. Select one of the following from the context menu:

    Update Map Based on Image

    To update the memory map based on details held in the loaded image.

    This is done automatically when you load an image.

    Update Map Based on Processor

    To update the memory map based on those registers that affect memory maps.

    This is done automatically for built-in map registers but might be required if you are using external map registers, defined in the Debug Configuration settings. Select this option to force RealView Debugger to read the registers and so update the memory map.

    If you are connected to a debug target that uses register-controlled remapping, for example the ARM Integrator™/CP board, the Memory Map tab displays the effects of any changes made to these registers. In this case, use this option to update the display based on these memory-mapped registers.

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