12.6.1. Procedure when using the generic breakpoint dialog box

To delay the activation of a breakpoint for a specified number of hits:

  1. Open the Create Breakpoint or Edit Breakpoint dialog box as appropriate.

  2. Click More... on the breakpoint dialog box you are using. The breakpoint behavior controls are displayed. Figure 12.10 shows an example:

    Figure 12.10. Breakpoint behavior controls

    Breakpoint behavior controls

  3. Click Add in the Conditions group to open the Add Condition dialog box. Figure 12.11 shows an example:

    Figure 12.11. Add Condition dialog box

    Add Condition dialog box

  4. Select the Software Pass Count condition.

  5. Enter the required number of hits before the breakpoint is to activate. For example, if you enter a value of five, then the breakpoint does not activate until hit six.

  6. Click OK to close the Add Condition dialog box. The condition is added to the breakpoint conditions list.

  7. Click OK to set the conditional breakpoint, and close the breakpoint dialog box you are using.

    The breakpoint is identified by a yellow disc.

Breakpoints that have conditions assigned to them include the +Qual suffix on the breakpoint type shown in the Break/Tracepoints view. Figure 12.12 shows an example of a breakpoint that has a condition assigned to it.

Figure 12.12. Breakpoint with a condition assigned

Breakpoint with a condition assigned


If you are using a debug target that supports it, a pass count can be used with a hardware breakpoint.

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