12.2.1. Updating specific windows and views

To update specific windows and views when a breakpoint activates:

  1. Open the Create Breakpoint or Edit Breakpoint dialog box as appropriate.

  2. Click More... on the breakpoint dialog box you are using. The breakpoint behavior controls are displayed, shown in Figure 12.1.

    Figure 12.1. Breakpoint behavior controls

    Breakpoint behavior controls

  3. Click Add in the Actions group to open the Add Action dialog box, shown in Figure 12.2.

    Figure 12.2. Add Action dialog box

    Add Action dialog box

  4. Select the Update Window action. This is the default.

  5. Select the window or view that you want to update when the breakpoint activates. For example, select Watch to update the Watch view.


    You can also update any user-defined windows that you have opened.

  6. Click OK to close the Add Action dialog box. The action is added to the breakpoint action list, shown in Figure 12.3.

    Figure 12.3. The breakpoint action list

    The breakpoint action list

  7. If you want more windows or views to be updated, repeat this operation for each window or view.

  8. When you have finished adding the windows and views to be updated, click OK to set the breakpoint and exit the breakpoint dialog box you are using.

  9. If you have chosen to update the following views, make sure that you enable the automatic updating of each view:

    • Call Stack view

    • Locals view

    • Watch view.

Breakpoints that have actions assigned to them include the +Act suffix on the breakpoint type shown in the Break/Tracepoints view. Figure 12.4 shows an example of a breakpoint that has an action assigned to it.

Figure 12.4. Breakpoint with an action assigned

Breakpoint with an action assigned

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