3.13.2. Setting connect mode for the current debugging session

To connect to a target using a specific connect mode:

  1. Select Connect to Target... from the Target menu to open the Connect to Target window. Figure 3.1 shows an example.

  2. Select the required grouping from the Grouped By field. For example, select Configuration.

  3. Expand the required Debug Interface.

  4. Expand the required Debug Configuration to see the list of targets available through the that Debug Configuration.

  5. Select the target to which you want to connect.

  6. If required, choose the required Connect Mode in the Connection Mode group.

  7. Double-click on the target to connect.


When you set the connect mode in this way, the mode persists for the target only during the current debugging session. This enables you to temporarily override the Connect_mode setting in the connection properties.

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