12.1.2. Considerations when using software conditions

Using software conditions can be very intrusive because RealView Debugger takes control when the breakpoint activates. The specified conditions are checked and then, if applicable, control is returned to the application.

When a conditional breakpoint activates, there might be a discrepancy between the real state of your target and what is shown in the Code window. For example, the State field might show that the target has stopped when it is running. This is because the state of the target, as reported by RealView Debugger, is a snapshot of the target status at the time that the breakpoint is activated. Depending on the tasks being performed on your host system, the target state might have changed. Therefore, when you are using conditional breakpoints, remember that the state of the target depends on several factors, including:


If you are debugging OS-aware applications in RSD mode, you can set OS-aware breakpoints.

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