2.4.1. Defining the installation directory

RealView Debugger must be able to identify the installation directory so that it can locate user files and configuration files. It uses the following sequence of tests to determine the installation directory:

  1. The --install command line argument, where used.

  2. The RVDEBUG_INSTALL environment variable, which is set during installation to:



If the RVDEBUG_INSTALL environment variable is not set, then you must start RealView Debugger with the --install option.

If the debugger cannot find the install directory, it terminates.

Shortcuts that are installed on the Windows Start menu might include the --install option to define the directory. If you did not install the debugger in the default location and you create your own shortcuts, or run rvdebug.exe from the command line, you must either include the same --install option or define the RVDEBUG_INSTALL environment variable globally, for example using the Windows Control Panel.

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