17.5. Creating an empty workspace

You can create a blank workspace settings file at any point during your debugging session.

To create an empty workspace:

  1. Select File → Workspace → New Workspace... from the Code window main menu to open the Select Filename for new Workspace dialog box.

  2. Locate the directory where you want to save the new workspace file.

  3. Enter a filename for the new workspace, for example New_workspace.aws.

    This becomes the current workspace.

  4. Click Save to create the new workspace file.

    The Select Filename for new Workspace dialog box closes.

    The current workspace is closed, and the new workspace opens ready for you to use. This does not override the current configuration. That is, any open objects, such as connections and windows, remain open.

    You must save settings to this new workspace settings file if you want it to be available when you next start RealView Debugger.

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