11.1.4. Breakpoints in different memory map regions

With memory mapping enabled, RealView Debugger sets a breakpoint based on the access rule for the memory at the chosen location. Table 11.2 shows the different types of memory that you can define in a memory map with RealView Debugger, and the default breakpoint type set by RealView Debugger.

Table 11.2. Breakpoint types for different memory map locations

LocationBreakpoint type set
Write-only Memory (WOM)Hardware
No Memory (NOM)Hardware

If you have to, you can manually set a hardware breakpoint in RAM.

If you attempt to set a software breakpoint at an address in Flash, ROM, WOM, NOM, or Auto memory, the operation fails by default. The error message displayed depends on whether or not memory mapping is enabled:

However, you can use the failover qualifier to force the software breakpoint to be convert to a hardware breakpoint, depending on the available hardware resources. If the Debug Interface unit informs RealView Debugger that a hardware breakpoint is being used, RealView Debugger informs you that this has happened:

Information: Hardware breakpoint set - unable to set software breakpoint

If you attempt to set a breakpoint in a data or literals area of program memory within the Disassembly tab, the breakpoint is set and RealView Debugger issues the warning:

Warning: Breakpoint being set in data/literals of code.

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