17.7.4. List of Entries pane

The left pane of the Workspace Options window, the List of Entries pane, shows workspace entries as a hierarchical tree with node controls. Figure 17.4 shows and example.

Figure 17.4. Example Workspace Options

Example Workspace Options

Groups of settings are associated with an icon to explain their function:

Red disk

This is a container disk file.

RealView Debugger uses this, for example, to specify an include file.

Yellow folder

This is a parent group containing other groups (rules pages) and/or entries.

Rules page

A rules page is a container for settings values that you can change in the right pane. When deselected, the pencil disappears (see Figure 17.4).

This icon only appears in the left pane. Rules pages have a yellow folder icon in the right pane.

An asterisk (*) is placed at the front of an entry to show that it has changed from the default or was created by RealView Debugger. Figure 17.4 shows an example settings file that specifies a multiprocessor debugging session.

If you click on an entry in the left pane, a red box is drawn around it and the Description field is updated. At the same time, the right pane, the Settings Values pane, is updated to show the contents of the highlighted group.

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