10.1.1. What is scope and context?

RealView Debugger uses scope to determine the value of a symbol. Scope defines how RealView Debugger accesses variables and resolves symbols in expressions. The scope of your program determines the execution context. Any symbol value available to a C or C++ program at the current PC location is also available to RealView Debugger.

When your program is executing, the PC stores the address of the instruction that is being prefetched. By default, the scope is set when the PC changes. Loading an image sets the PC at the entry point using autoscope, that is the PC defines the scope. Autoscope is also used in an assembly language routine when you step into code that has no source information.

RealView Debugger uses a yellow arrow and red box to highlight the PC location in the selected code view. The PC is only visible in an execution tab, specifically a source file tab or the Disassembly tab. However, RealView Debugger enables you to force scope to a different location.

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