4.8. Loading an executable image on startup

You can start RealView Debugger from the command line and specify an image to load automatically. You must also specify a target connection to use, and you can pass arguments to the image and specify any image sections to be loaded.


You cannot load a binary on startup. See Loading a binary for details of how to load a binary.

To load an image from the command line, use the following command syntax:

rvdebug.exe --init=@target@DebugConfiguration --exec image.axf[;sections][;arg1 arg2 ...]



Specifies the target connection name.


Specifies the name of the Debug Configuration that defines the connection to the target.


Specifies the image to be loaded. Also include the path name if required.


Specifies an optional comma-separated list of sections to load for the image, for example, ER_RO,ER_RW.

arg1 arg2 ...

Specifies an optional space-separated list of arguments to the image.


You cannot use this method of specifying arguments to an image for ISSMs.


Spaces must not be included between the argument and the qualifier. Where an arguments list is given, quotes must be used.

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