12.6.2. Procedure when using the Simple Break if X, N times dialog box

To set a breakpoint with the Simple Break if X, N times dialog box:

  1. Select Debug → Breakpoints → Conditional → Break if X, N times... from the Code window main menu to open the Simple Break if X, N times dialog box. Figure 12.13 shows an example:

    Figure 12.13. Simple Break if X, N times dialog box

    Simple Break if X, N times dialog box

    This dialog box provides a quick way of creating a breakpoint with the SW Pass Count condition qualifier.

  2. Choose the type of breakpoint that you want to set. For example, select HW Instr to set a hardware execution breakpoint.

  3. Specify the location where the breakpoint is to be set. This can be:

    • a specific line number in the source code, with or without a module name prefix

    • a specific address, which can be the address of a variable or function

    • a macro that returns an address

    • an address range

    • a function entry point.

    The breakpoint unit activates if the PC equals the corresponding address, or falls within the specified address range. For example, Proc_4.

    Alternatively, you can click the drop-down arrow to the right of these fields to choose the location from your personal Favorites List, or select from a list of previously-used expressions.

  4. In the After field, enter the number of times execution must arrive at the specified address to activate the breakpoint. For example, enter 150 to activate the breakpoint when the hit count reaches 150.

  5. Click OK to set the breakpoint and close the dialog box.

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