7.11.2. Saving and restoring your .brd file

In these examples you are amending your board file. By default, the board file information is held in rvdebug.brd, which is normally stored in your RealView Debugger home directory.

Other configuration files have extensions such as *.auc, *.smc, and *.rvc.

You are recommended to backup your home directory before starting the examples described in this chapter, so that you can restore your original configuration later. If you have to restore your board file, exit RealView Debugger, and restore it from the backup directory.

You can restart RealView Debugger with your saved configuration.

Returning to the installation settings

If you want to return to the installation settings:

  1. Exit RealView Debugger.

  2. Delete or move your RealView Debugger home directory.

  3. Restart RealView Debugger. RealView Debugger creates a new default configuration for you.

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