17.4. Closing workspaces

When you close a workspace, RealView Debugger enables you to close any open objects. This might be useful to restore a clean desktop for the session, or before you open a new workspace.

To close your current workspace:

  1. Select File → Workspace → Close Workspace from the Code window main menu to close the workspace.

    In addition, if any there are existing target connections, or other Code windows are open, a Close Workspace dialog box is opened, shown in Figure 17.1.

    Figure 17.1. Close Open Objects selection dialog box

    Close Open Objects selection dialog box

    The display list shows the open objects, that is:

    • connections to debug targets

    • any Code windows that are open in addition to the default Code window.

    Each entry has an associated check box that is selected by default.


    The Close Open Objects selection dialog box is not opened if there are no open objects.

  2. Either:

    • Deselect the check box for each object that you do not want to close, then click OK to close the selected objects. The List Selection dialog box also closes.

    • Click Cancel to close the List Selection dialog box without closing any selected objects.

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