4.3.1. Viewing image details in the Code window

If an image is successfully loaded to the target processor, the Code window is updated. Figure 4.3 shows an example Code window with the dhrystone example image loaded.

Figure 4.3. Code window with image loaded

Code window with image loaded


Source text coloring and line numbering are enabled by default.

RealView Debugger updates the views with information about the new image, where known. Because you have not started debugging, other views are empty.

When you load an image that contains debugging information, RealView Debugger searches for the corresponding source file associated with the current execution context:

RealView Debugger displays the file as a tab in the Code window.

Click the Locate PC button on the Debug toolbar to display the line of source code or the line of disassembly related to the address in the PC.

The image was loaded with the Set PC to Entry point option set, so execution control is located at the default entry point. This is indicated by a yellow arrow and a red box at line 78 in Figure 4.3.

Click the Disassembly tab to show the disassembly-level view.

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