4.9. Unloading an image

You might want to unload an image for various reasons. For example, if you have rebuilt the image after it was loaded, and you want to clear any debugging features that might not be relevant to the new image, such as breakpoints.

To unload an image:

  1. Select View → Process Control from the Code window main menu to open the Process Control view, if it is not already visible.

  2. Deselect the Load check box.

    The debug information is removed from RealView Debugger.

Alternatively, select Target → Unload Image from the Code window main menu. If more than one image is loaded on the target, an Unload Image dialog box is opened. Figure 4.8 shows an example. Select one or more images to unload, then click OK.

Figure 4.8. Unload Image dialog box

Unload Image dialog box

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