17.8.2. Changing settings

To change settings:

  1. Select File → Workspace → Workspace Options... from the Code window main menu to display the Workspace Options window.

  2. Make the required changes to the settings. These take effect in the current workspace only.

  3. Select File → Save Changes from the Workspace Options window menu to save our changes.

  4. Select View → New Code Window from the Code window main menu to open a new Code window to see the effect. Close the new Code window when you have finished with it.

  5. Select File → Close Window from the Workspace Options window menu to close the Workspace Options window.

Setting up debugger options

To change the height of the Output view:

  1. Expand the DEBUGGER group.

  2. Select the Command group.

  3. Right-click on the default Num_lines setting.

  4. Select Edit Value from the context menu.

  5. Use in-place editing to set the value to 10.

  6. Press Enter to confirm your setting.

  7. Save the updated version of the workspace settings file.


To restore the Code window, select the option Reset to Empty.

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