17.1. About workspace settings

RealView Debugger uses a workspace to define:

RealView Debugger uses a default workspace. Using a workspace enables you to maintain persistence between debugging sessions.

You can save a workspace configuration to a different file, if required. For example, you might want to have different views available in the RealView Debugger Code window, depending on the targets you are debugging. By setting up the Code window and saving the workspace, you do not have to manually set up the Code window in subsequent debugging sessions. You only have to open the saved workspace.

Working without a workspace might be useful to debug an executable file from another developer or for compatibility with other tools. This means that some persistence details are not available. If you close the current workspace, RealView Debugger uses the global configuration options, which contains a subset of the settings that are in a workspace.

There are descriptions of the general layout and controls of the RealView Debugger settings windows in the RealView Debugger online help topic Changing Settings. This chapter assumes familiarity with the procedures documented in that topic.

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