C.1.2. How do I set top_of_memory?

In RealView Debugger, top_of_memory is used to set the application stack base for a semihosted application running on a remote target.


The top_of_memory symbol is not supported on RVISS, ISSM, and SoC Designer targets.

If top_of_memory is not set, RealView Debugger sets it to a default value of 0x20000. A warning is displayed in the Cmd and Log tabs:

Warning: No stack/heap or top_of_memory defined - setting top_of_memory to 0x00020000

The value of top_of_memory can be overridden for a single debug session from the Debug tab or CycleCount tab in the Registers view.

You can also set the value of top_of_memory for a particular target connection using the Connection Properties.


To use the new setting, you must connect to the target.

If a Board/Chip definition file is selected for this connection, then this file might contain a value for top_of_memory that overrides the target connection setting.

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