C.1.4. How do I configure semihosting?

Semihosting is a mechanism that captures I/O requests made by code running on the target (typically library code), and communicates these to the host system for handling. For example, application printfs appear, by default, in the StdIO tab of the Output view. You can enable or disable semihosting from the debugger.

You can set semihosting for a single debug session from the Debug or Semihost tab of the Registers view, depending on your target. The available options, if you are using DSTREAM or RealView ICE, are NO and STD (Standard).

You can also set semihosting for a particular target connection using the Connection Properties.


To use the new setting, you must connect to the target.

If a Board/Chip definition file is selected for this connection, then this file might contain a value for Semihosting that overrides the target connection setting.

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